Hello, I'm Richard La Plante

Welcome to

Real Strength Now

Hello, I'm Richard La Plante

Welcome to

Real Strength Now


Feel. Good. Again.

I can help you delay the aging process, by retaining muscle mass, improving memory, heightening energy levels and increasing your ability to concentrate and remain focused.

Natural. Organic. Holistic. Intrinsic.


Real Strength Now focuses on:

  • Breath is Life

    The first thing we learn is that conscious diaphragmatic breathing is the absolute key to health and longevity.

  • Integrating Breath & Movement

    Once diaphragmatic breathing is learned and established, the next step is to use that correct and conscious breath to empower exercise and incorporate into everyday life.


    The body responds to challenges, and exercise must be realistically and progressively challenging, not injurious, to encourage maximum strength and health.

  • The New You

    REAL STRENGTH NOW will revitalize you from the inside/out as organs are stimulated and massaged in coordination with the exercise, training and strengthening of bones, muscles and mind, giving you strength, endurance and stability, both mental and physical.

Finally, a program you can take on regardless of your age or your current stamina. You can do this program in your bedroom, your backyard, or in a gym.

I want to tell you everything I know about hanging on to your strength and staying fit as you age.

What's worked for me can work for you too!

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  • My husband Tony has Parkinson's disease, and we learned that boxing might be particularly good training for his brain and body. We were very lucky to have Richard La Plante living nearby. Richard has gone above and beyond in developing a training regimen for Tony that both builds his strength, and focuses on his critical need to improve balance and coordination. The difference in Tony has been remarkable. I can clearly see how much better his movement and alertness is after he comes back from training with Richard. Overall, Tony has gained strength, stands straighter, is in less danger of falling, and walks with more confidence. He has even improved enough to cut back on his medication. Richard provides the kind of intensive, focused exercise that research shows can have a positive effect on Parkinson's symptoms.
    Robin Gerber
  • I’m 80. I feel great. WTF I’ve had my health challenges. My good fortune was to meet a younger fitness master, Richard La Plante. As strange as it sounds, the first thing he taught me was to breathe. Conscious breathing. Through the nose. I realized to my chagrin I was a mouth breather. I integrated that simple change into my daily life and my usual exercise like biking and hiking. This breathing stick, so simple, is amazing for the focus and infinite exercise variations it gives you. I call it my motivation stick as there it is next to my desk and I get up through the day and use it. I feel great. WTF. Breathe.
    James Becket

Master Class

$99. One-time cost. No subscription.

For a Master Class demonstrating all of the Real Strength Now principles, breathing practices, and resistance exercise that create a strong, functional body.

Okay, What's Next?Let's Get Going!


the bottom line

  • 1 Master Class Workout Video

    This 50+ minute video will introduce you to the techniques used in my Real Strength Now program and prepare you for your daily workouts.

  • 25 Lesson Modules

    Featuring demonstrations and instruction videos for each technique and discipline.

  • FREE Ebook

    Real Strength Now: The Lost Art of Breathing delivered via email right away.

  • Monthly Check-ins

    Encouragement and support emails, based on my one-on-one work with clients. Let's overcome obstacles before they come up.

  • Members-only Discounts

    We're working hard to bring you additional books, merchandise, and tools to better support your journey through the Real Strength Now Program.

  • Access to Richard

    I will be available via direct email to help guide you through your program and answer any questions you might have.

Your Investment: $99

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