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Real Strength Now

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I can help you delay the aging process, by retaining muscle mass, improving memory, heightening energy levels and increasing your ability to concentrate and remain focused.

Natural. Organic. Holistic. Intrinsic.


Weekly ZOOM Workshops!

This is an open invitation to join my weekly Zoom workshop.

Using simple exercises to exercise the body, stimulate the immune system and decrease stress levels, all based upon the breath and scientifically proven breathing techniques.

The cost is $10.00 for a 45-minute class, with a Q&A period at the end.

Please let me have your email address and I’ll add you to the invitation list.

Real Strength Now focuses on:

  • Breath is Life

    The first thing we learn is that conscious diaphragmatic breathing is the absolute key to health and longevity.

  • Integrating Breath & Movement

    Once diaphragmatic breathing is learned and established, the next step is to use that correct and conscious breath to empower exercise and incorporate into everyday life.


    The body responds to challenges, and exercise must be realistically and progressively challenging, not injurious, to encourage maximum strength and health.

  • The New You

    REAL STRENGTH NOW will revitalize you from the inside/out as organs are stimulated and massaged in coordination with the exercise, training and strengthening of bones, muscles and mind, giving you strength, endurance and stability, both mental and physical.

Finally, a program you can take on regardless of your age or your current physical condition. You can do this program in your bedroom, your backyard, or in a gym.

I want to tell you everything I know about hanging on to your strength and staying fit as you age.

What's worked for me can work for you too!

Master ClassLearn how it can help YOU
  • As an ex-competitive athlete, playing at a professional level, I let my body go when I retired. For many years, I stopped training, put on weight, allowed my muscles to atrophy and felt lousy about my general state of being. Some part of me was searching for a spark of light of inspiration. That’s when I met Richard; someone with a command of not just the body and how to train it, but in the way that the body interacts with the mind through the breath, and that made all the difference. His mind/body workouts are fast, efficient and always serve to reconnect me with the best part of my self, the disciplined self that understands the need for training, perseverance and balance in order to achieve a steady state of health and well-being.
    Mark Harradine
    Founder and CEO
  • When I met Richard La Plante he said, “Give me three minutes a day and I’ll change your life.” Two years, twenty five pounds, and 100 cholesterol points later I am still giving him three minutes a day. But more important than the specific gains and losses is Richard La Plante taught me to forgive myself. He taught me that it’s never too late to change. That change begins with breathing. And if we lose our way or give up we simply start again. Three minutes at a time.
    John Johnston


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