Art of Breathing


Hi. It's Richard La Plante with Real Strength Now. When we train or exercise, we want to get stronger. We want to increase our endurance. We want to increase our level of health and well-being. So, we use something to get stronger with. Say it's a game, we're going to play golf or tennis, spar, hit a bag in a boxing ring, lift a weight, go to the yoga studio. What do all these things have in common? To increase strength and endurance, where do you start? You start with the breath. You perfect the breath, the mechanism, the diaphragm, the greatest muscle in the body, the breathing muscle.

You learn to breathe from the belly. You learn to make your breath more efficient, because if the breath is more efficient, the oxygen delivery to the muscle is greater, more efficient, giving the muscle more strength, giving the muscle more endurance. It all goes back to breathing. I'm a great proponent of exercise. I've exercised all my life. I've created methods of exercise, but at the center of every physical movement, every physical exercise, is the breath. So, what I encourage and teach is to master the art of breathing.


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