Exercise is Meditation


Hello, it's Richard La Plante with Real Strength Now. Today I want to talk to you about meditation, but not the kind of meditation you're thinking of. Not saying a mantra, chanting OBE, counting breaths, not that type of meditation.

I want to talk to you about the meditation of conscious breath and conscious movement. This is the type of meditation that produces real results in a weight room, in a gymnasium, on a running field or on a tennis court. Another way to say it is being in the zone.

The way to get into zone is breath training. In a weight room, if you're doing squats, bench presses or curls, yes, you're getting the movement of the arm, movement of the muscle and that to some degree is going to give a result, but it won't give as good result as if you are doing it in combination with correct inhalation, exhalation, visualization of the body part being exercised.

That's what I mean by meditation in the weight room. It should be a focused, condensed effort. It's only achieved through correct breathing, through correct inhalation, exhalation. That's what I mean by meditation.


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