Fall Wellness Retreat - October 26, 2019

Using the Breath as a Means to Relieve Stress


This retreat will be a major first step in becoming your own teacher

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Our one-day retreat is a journey into the parasympathetic, or rest and recovery division of the autonomic nervous system. It is a lesson in stress relief through the controlled relaxation of the body and mind..


Did you know that exercise is as effective as prescription drugs in treating many major diseases?

Do you know the single ingredient that boosts your body’s ability to repair itself and regenerate new cells?
Do you truly understand why all stress is not bad for you, there is ‘good’ stress?
Do you know the single most important secret of delaying the ageing process? How do we maintain cognitive function as we age?
What is intermittent hypoxia and how can we get there with a broomstick?
Can you identify your ‘tension triangle?”
What is the difference between conscious movement and ‘going through the motions’?
Present tense awareness is at the heart of all martial arts and may be acquired by practice. Understand your neural pathways, repetition makes the master.

Meet your hosts


Richard La Plante

Founder, Real Strength Now

  • Progressive Resistance for strength
  • Mastering the Breath for repair and regeneration
  • Moving out of "fight or flight" and into harmony
  • Learning "good stress" vs "bad stress"
  • Present-tense awareness and understanding neural pathways

Mark Harradine

Spiritual Counselor

  • Techniques for Spiritual Warriors
  • Accepting the enemy within
  • Surrendering control by stalking the spirit
  • Understanding your karmic path to live more purposefully
  • Coming into alignment

The Schedule

9 AM Introduction to the day, with questions, explanations and intentions – Whole group

  1. Nose breathing. Why?
  2. Conscious movement.
  3. Oxygen efficiency. How?
  4. IHT
  5. The autonomic nervous system. Fight or flight, Rest and digest
  6. Dynamic and Static Contraction. Hormonal Release

9:30 AM Mindful meditation – seated with conscious breath counting – entering the parasympathetic nervous system

  1. Proper method of breath counting
  2. Developing heightened (Samurai) awareness

10 AM Conscious breath and movement – transitioning from parasympathetic (rest) to sympathetic (active) nervous system and back again – How we can learn to control this movement through the breath

  • Fight or flight – a stick or a bear, body does not know the difference – degrees of hormonal release

10:45 AM Break, discussion (be clear about our intentions), and journal writing

11 AM Optional: The pool will be heated and training available.

Water training in constant depth (4.6 feet) heated pool – including the basic concept and application of intermittent hypoxic training (high altitude equivalent) to increase oxygen efficiency affecting strength, endurance, healthspan and longevity


Restorative yoga with master yogi, Ingrid Boulting, or combination of the two

12:30 PM Lunch - Organic

1:30 PM Free-form writing – allowing the creative consciousness to flow

2 PM An introduction to conscious breathing with progressive resistance exercise – how to take today’s lessons into the gym (on premises)

  1. What is progressive resistance?
  2. Failure: difference between psychological and physical
  3. Is it necessary to train till absolute failure?
  4. Recover time: vital for results

3 PM Group breathing with emphasis on parasympathetic nervous system (developing calm in face of stress)

  • Guided meditation – release of the tension triangle

3:45 PM Explanation of neuroplasticity and the ability to productively re-arrange the structure of the brain

  1. Non-contact boxing drills to develop neural pathways
  2. Sharpening cognitive function

4 PM Closing meditation

  • Deep relax

One Day • Seven Hours • $250 investment

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Please join me in beautiful Ojai, California for one full day of conscious and sensible exercise and controlled breathing that will tone your body and mind form the inside/out.

If you come to Ojai and spend a day with me at my home/sanctuary, I promise that you will experience your self in a new and more conscious way. Your mood will be naturally elevated as you learn that breath is the key to controlling the functions of your mind and body.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to see you in Ojai on 10/26.


This event has passed.

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  • I’m 80. I feel great. WTF I’ve had my health challenges. My good fortune was to meet a younger fitness master, Richard La Plante. As strange as it sounds, the first thing he taught me was to breathe. Conscious breathing. Through the nose. I realized to my chagrin I was a mouth breather. I integrated that simple change into my daily life and my usual exercise like biking and hiking. This breathing stick, so simple, is amazing for the focus and infinite exercise variations it gives you. I call it my motivation stick as there it is next to my desk and I get up through the day and use it. I feel great. WTF. Breathe.
    James Becket
  • My husband Tony has Parkinson's disease, and we learned that boxing might be particularly good training for his brain and body. We were very lucky to have Richard La Plante living nearby. Richard has gone above and beyond in developing a training regimen for Tony that both builds his strength, and focuses on his critical need to improve balance and coordination. The difference in Tony has been remarkable. I can clearly see how much better his movement and alertness is after he comes back from training with Richard. Overall, Tony has gained strength, stands straighter, is in less danger of falling, and walks with more confidence. He has even improved enough to cut back on his medication. Richard provides the kind of intensive, focused exercise that research shows can have a positive effect on Parkinson's symptoms.
    Robin Gerber
  • I’ve been a bodybuilder for many years. As an ex police officer, strength, speed and endurance were always important. My best bench press was 400 pounds. Retired by a back injury Real Strength Now has been a fundamental part of my rehabilitation and recovery from surgery. It’s brought me back to the gym. Now, when I train with weights I add the diaphragmatic breath and other techniques that RSN teaches. My strength is returning, along with a greater understanding of how the body works and the importance of conscious diaphragmatic breathing.
    Andy U
    Southern California police officer - Retired
  • I have been practicing and teaching yoga professionally for 25 years and think enough of Richard La Plante and the way he uses the Breathing Stick for breath and movement to invite him to teach a regular class at my Sacred Space Studio in Ojai, California. No matter what discipline you practice, his method of training will enhance and deepen your understanding of the way diaphragmatic breathing coordinates with the rhythms and natural motions of the human body.
    Ingrid Boulting