Increasing Energy and Endurance


Hi. It's Richard La Plante with Real Strength Now. Are you aware that the oxygen reaches your muscles through hemoglobin, or red blood cells, and the more red blood cells that are traveling through your system, the more oxygen release? Therefore, the more fuel for the fire.

Oxygen is combusting to burn energy with glucose, or fuel. So, it would make sense to increase your supply of red blood cells, and there's a way to do that. There's a way to do that, that influences your running, your weight training, your sports, or even your seated activities, writing at a desk.

The key to increasing red blood cells are breath holds. So, it's an inhalation, an exhalation, and a hold, until the body wants oxygen. Then the breath comes in, out, hold, until the body wants oxygen. What the body does during these holds, is it begins to adapt. It begins to release more red cells that have been stored in the spleen. It begins to trigger the bone marrow into creating, into making more cells, eventually putting more cells into the bloodstream, or red blood cells carrying more oxygen, creating more energy, which then leads to endurance, and it leads to strength, and it leads to a longer and healthier life.

So, these little tricks... I shouldn't say they're tricks. They're scientific facts. These things that we can train our breath to do can have an enormous effect on our health and well-being.


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