About Real Strength Now

Real Strength Now is not complicated and does not require any expensive specialized equipment.

I’ve designed this program to work for anybody. It works for me and it can work for you.

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Feel. Good. Again.

Finally, a program you can take on regardless of your age or your current stamina.
You can do this program in your bedroom, your backyard, or in a gym.

Are these things important to you?

  • Vibrant health

    Health is our greatest wealth. And there’s nothing quite like feeling good every day.

  • Real strength

    Body and mind.

  • Energy

    To do the things we love.

  • A strong immune system

    Resistant to disease.

  • Fewer visits to the doctor

    Independence from pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Balance of mind and body

    Peace of mind – clear thinking.

  • A realistic, healthy and sustainable bodyweight

    Without starvation diets, gimmicks or pills.

  • A simple and sustainable method of exercise

    That produces real results.

  • Good sleep and better recovery

    From illness, business stress and exercise.

  • Longevity

    Increasing the number of our good productive years.


I want to give you a sense of what this program is about.

Check out this video and learn about my Breathing Stick. You would be surprised what can be done with a simple broomstick.

Who is this Program For?

What IS Real Strength Now?

Real Strength Now is a method of exercise that evolved from my lifetime study of martial arts, yoga, Pilates, and weight training. It is the distillation of theses multiple disciplines to find the one common denominator, the absolute key to health.

Do you know what the pelvic floor is, what it does, where it is and how to exercise it? Do you understand that your diaphragm is responsible for clearing your body of 70 per cent of its toxins as it massages your heart and stimulates your lymphatic system, ridding the body of dead cells and disease? Did you know that we lose 85 percent of our bodyfat through exhalation? Were you aware that without progressive resistance, your exercise routine is ineffective for building strength, muscle mass, and maintaining bone-density?

Truth is: The majority of people training in gyms and weight rooms are either in the process of injuring themselves or just ‘going through the motions’ without getting any real results.

Real Strength Now is a method of conscious breath combined with conscious movement designed to enhance the feeling of overall well-being. Making the body stronger, as it increases endurance and strengthens the immune system, working from the inside, out.

Master Class

$99. One-time cost. No subscription.

For a Master Class demonstrating all of the Real Strength Now principles, breathing practices, and resistance exercise that create a strong, functional body.

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the bottom line

  • 1 Master Class Workout Video

    This 50+ minute video will introduce you to the techniques used in my Real Strength Now program and prepare you for your daily workouts.

  • 25 Lesson Modules

    Featuring demonstrations and instruction videos for each technique and discipline.

  • FREE Ebook

    Real Strength Now: The Lost Art of Breathing delivered via email right away.

  • Monthly Check-ins

    Encouragement and support emails, based on my one-on-one work with clients. Let's overcome obstacles before they come up.

  • Members-only Discounts

    We're working hard to bring you additional books, merchandise, and tools to better support your journey through the Real Strength Now Program.

  • Access to Richard

    I will be available via direct email to help guide you through your program and answer any questions you might have.

Your Investment: $99

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  • I have been practicing and teaching yoga professionally for 25 years and think enough of Richard La Plante and the way he uses the Breathing Stick for breath and movement to invite him to teach a regular class at my Sacred Space Studio in Ojai, California. No matter what discipline you practice, his method of training will enhance and deepen your understanding of the way diaphragmatic breathing coordinates with the rhythms and natural motions of the human body.
    Ingrid Boulting
  • When I met Richard La Plante he said, “Give me three minutes a day and I’ll change your life.” Two years, twenty five pounds, and 100 cholesterol points later I am still giving him three minutes a day. But more important than the specific gains and losses is Richard La Plante taught me to forgive myself. He taught me that it’s never too late to change. That change begins with breathing. And if we lose our way or give up we simply start again. Three minutes at a time.
    John Johnston

Risk nothing. Buy with confidence.

If you’re not fully satisfied, simply contact us within the first 30 days and we’ll refund 100% of your investment.