The Real Strength Now Parkinson's Class

The Parkinson’s class is the culmination of over ten years of work with Parkinson’s Disease. It requires no special equipment, simply a specifically designed Breathing Stick, or a simple broomstick from your local hardware store.

The class is intended to increase strength, endurance, balance, bone density and cognition while oxygenating the brain and encouraging the release of dopamine and the development of new neural pathways.


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Exercise consistency is vital in the treatment of PD. The Parkinson’s Class is designed to be performed in one long session or broken down into smaller sections of as little as three to six minutes a day. The breath and movement techniques, particularly the diaphragmatic breath, will with consistent practice, spill over into everyday living.


  • Improved Cognition

    To retain memory and concentration

  • New neural pathways

    To learn new skills

  • Delayed onset of symptoms

    To augment the effects of medications

  • Increase in Strength

    Building stronger bones and muscles

  • Better Balance

    To decrease the risk of falling

  • Improved Endurance

    Health is our To increase cardiovascular capacity wealth. And there’s nothing quite like feeling good every day.

  • Greater Bone density

    To develop a stronger skeletal system

  • A sense of well-being

    To feel mentally balanced

  • Greater resilience to infections and disease

    To build a strong immune system

  • A sustainable method of exercise

    To establish a lasting practice


The Parkinson’s class is a method of employing breath and movement in a conscious manner with the intention of improving oxygen efficiency in the body and brain. Facilitating balance, strength, endurance and cognitive function while combatting the symptoms of PD by strengthening the body and mind as the training promotes the natural release of hormones, including dopamine.


The Parkinson’s Class is the culmination of my lifetime study of physical, mind and spirit training, from meditation to yoga, martial arts, resistance training and boxing. It is a method that has evolved, specifically for PD, in the last ten years. The class is comprehensive, dealing with the importance of efficiently oxygenating the body, particularly the brain, while exercising the cardiovascular, skeletal and muscular systems as we learn to combat stress and reduce and delay the symptom of Parkinson’s by guided and conscious exercise followed by deep relaxation.

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    Health is our greatest wealth. And there’s nothing quite like feeling good every day.

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    Featuring demonstrations and instruction videos for each technique and discipline.

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  • I have been practicing and teaching yoga professionally for 25 years and think enough of Richard La Plante and the way he uses the Breathing Stick for breath and movement to invite him to teach a regular class at my Sacred Space Studio in Ojai, California. No matter what discipline you practice, his method of training will enhance and deepen your understanding of the way diaphragmatic breathing coordinates with the rhythms and natural motions of the human body.
    Ingrid Boulting
  • When I met Richard La Plante he said, “Give me three minutes a day and I’ll change your life.” Two years, twenty five pounds, and 100 cholesterol points later I am still giving him three minutes a day. But more important than the specific gains and losses is Richard La Plante taught me to forgive myself. He taught me that it’s never too late to change. That change begins with breathing. And if we lose our way or give up we simply start again. Three minutes at a time.
    John Johnston

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