The Real Strength Now Breathing Stick


The Breathing Stick is 54 inches in length and weighs between one and one and a half pounds, a linear object that serves to align and balance the body during the specific exercises of Real Strength Now. It is used for movements that directly affect breathing efficiency, balance and strength through a sequence of dynamic resistance and static contraction exercises, all producing a cardiovascular effect.

Each stick is unique in that it is hand-finished and the variations in the grain of the Douglas Fir are exposed through sanding and wood-burning. Special knurls have been created to indicate hand positions and improve the grip for various exercises. The Breathing Stick feels natural in your hands; as the more you use it, the more it becomes ‘yours’. It also looks great just leaning against the wall, providing a beautiful reminder that it’s time to get up and breathe.

Real Strength Now and the Breathing Stick, in combination, will enable you to develop a sustainable practice of breath and functional movement, guiding you towards understanding the breath and the body as you become your own teacher.

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