Stress – The Silent Killer


Healing the body through conscious breath and movement.

I've been in trouble a few times in my life. Broke my neck when I was 10, fell off motorcycles, had sports injuries, and then recently an auto immune disease brought on by, guess what, stress.

I've had to work myself out of these troubles. Doctors and surgeons, hospitals, they only go so far. Stress is the killer. Every one of the injuries brings on stress. So does just living. Stress is part of life, unfortunately, but it is. It's sort of the silent killer.

I found myself living in what is called the sympathetic nervous system. Make it more simple, fight or flight. I was always either fighting something or running from something, either physically or psychologically. So I needed to develop a system for me, a method of training, of exercise to relieve the stress, to heal myself, to rest my body, to put myself more in the rest, relaxation, and recovery system.

I developed a method of training based on conscious breathing, as breath is life, and conscious movement, as movement is exercise. My system is conscious breath and conscious movement. That's what Real Strength Now is, and that's what I want to pass along. I want to give it to you. Conscious breath and conscious movement.


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I've designed this program to work for anybody. It works for me and it can work for you.

Real Strength Now is not complicated and does not require any expensive specialized equipment.

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