Visualization and the Martial Arts

Martial Artists Have Used Visualization for Centuries

Many of the techniques used in my method of Real Strength training have been derived from my lengthy study of martial arts, including stances, use of breathing and visualization. Occasionally i am asked to write for martial arts publications. Here is an article on visualization that I wrote for Jet Li’s online publication. Jet li is a fine martial artist and very successful film actor. it was an honor to write for him.


Visualization is the factor that divides random movement from movement with intent. In other words, a punch thrown to the Jodan (face) area of the body may be one of two things: a callisthenic, an exercise or simply a movement of the arm to a position that is level with the face…  or a movement with the intent of damaging an opponent.

The difference is the visualization of the opponent. I have seen many karate-ka with beautiful dojo technique, high kicks and fluid movement, and they couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. They were no more than dancers. And one of the greatest karate-ka ever, my Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda, had technique that looked, to me, not as pretty as some of his pupils yet Sensei possessed more power and ferocity that any man I have ever seen in a dojo.

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