why breath?

Because Breath is Life.

Repetition makes the master. Muscle memory, more accurately termed ‘motor skill memory’ is achieved after 1 to 30 thousand repetitions, depending upon whether you are learning to play Mozart on the piano or improve your swing with a nine iron. The idea is that with repetition, we will perform the task without conscious effort.

Like riding a bicycle, or driving a car…. Or breathing.

On average, each of us takes about 16 breaths in minute. That’s about 23 thousand breaths in a day, enough to make each of us a breathing master. In fact we are reinforcing that mastery every single day that we are alive.

And that would be great if we had continued to breathe the way we breathed as babies, relaxed and from the belly, actually using the breathing muscles that we were born to use.

But from the first breath to the last, which is about 672 million breaths in an average lifetime, we develop bad habits, like breathing with an open mouth and using only the upper part of the chest (lungs) and practice these habits, every minute, every day, in fact, about 16 times each minute, awake and asleep. Until we become masters of inefficient breathing.

It’s like learning to drive a car the wrong way down a one-way street.

If we continue, we will eventually have an accident.

Run head on into a catastrophic event or disease.

Shortening our lives.

Find yourself looking forward to training. Your body will love it. Make exercise a pleasure, not obligation. The key is oxygen, and the way we use it.

I want to help you delay the ageing process, without drugs, naturally and organically. I want to teach you how to dramatically increase your strength and flexibility, to be as strong at sixty as you were at thirty, maybe stronger. Show you how to manage anxiety and stress, to keep your body young. I want you to learn to breathe, efficiently, through your nose, less than eight times per minute. I will teach you to coordinate correct breathing with correct movement. Train you from the inside out and prove that exercise, based upon correct breathing, is the surest form of preventative medicine.

If you are an athlete, an integrated practice in breath and movement will make you a more efficient athlete. If your life is stressful, the practice of Real Strength Now will help balance and aid in relieving that stress, while regulating bodyweight, increasing physical strength, endurance and mental focus.

Real Strength Now is the essence of all I have learned; it is the way I continue to train. Yes, we all want a strong heart, strong bones and strong muscles. We want quality of life and longevity. And … like everything … every skill … every art … every form of exercise … every year we are alive … it begins with The Breath.

As you learn to breathe and move more efficiently you will find yourself looking forward to exercising. Your body will welcome it, as exercise becomes a way of life.

The intention of REAL STRENGTH NOW training is to teach the student to understand the body from the inside, out and become his or her own teacher.

Everything else, health of mind and body, will flow from these three minutes. BREATH IS LIFE.

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I've designed this program to work for anybody. It works for me and it can work for you.

Real Strength Now is not complicated and does not require any expensive specialized equipment.

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